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An adventure in Brazil with Nordweg

When you think about brazil you might just think about some nice beaches, Caipirinha, Samba and some good holiday vibes. But my trip there should teach me better and show me incredibly beautiful and new sides of this country, far off from the typical tourist spots. I was around with two locals who planned the hole tour and gave me some insights of Brazils wonderful nature and people which I wouldn`t have had without them. Was so stoked for this week full of adventures and hiking.

We started our trip in Rio de Janeiro. After a 12h flight I arrived there at 5 am in the morning, just in time for a sunrise at Mirante Dona Marta high above the city! And what can I say, the tour couldn`t start any better. The view to the Sugar Loaf mountain, the sea and the small hills in the morning mist was really worth the busy morning. Let`s call it “less sleep but more memories”

After a little sightseeing walk in Rio we traveled on to the Serra dos Orgaos National Park. Early in the morning the next day we wanted to start a 2-day trekking tour to the mountains and spend the night in a small hut over 2.200 m altitude. Never knew that Brazil has such high mountains! The night in the hut was freezing cold so that you could see your own breath, but more unique than any hotel could be. Especially spending the sunset and sunrise in the clouds was unforgetable.

Another destination was a trekking tour through the Trilha do Boi canyon at the Aparados da Serra National Park. The tricky thing here was that there is not really a hiking trail, the path is the river. What that means? Several kilometers climbing over slippery rocks and through deep flowing water. Luckily Brazil is a warm country even in winter, so this was a quite refreshing experience...

Finally I just ca say that Brazil is not only about the stereotypes, it has much more to offer. So keep eyes and mind open, leave the tourist spots behind you and explore something new.

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